Meet Ashley


Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I am the lady behind the camera. I started taking photos in 2012. For many years I was an elementary teacher and ran a photography business. I am glad to say now I am running my business full time. After years of hard work and great clients, I get to do what I love!

I started this business with one frame of mind. How do I become the hands and feet of God through this? I started my journey simply by naming by business 514 Photography after Matthew 5:14. This verse in the bible talks about being a light onto the world.


My philosophy behind my business is to be different from the world. To be positive, interactive, and loving! I hope that I get the opportunity to meet you and photograph a chapter in your life. I am blessed with getting to meet so many people.

My job doesn't end after I have taken your photo. As I edit each photo by hand, I spend time praying for you and your family. I hope I can be connected to each client. I want everyone to know that they are loved by an amazing God!


In 2019, my husband and I decided that we needed to make a change. We sold our house, paid off all of our debts, bought land with the cash, and are building a house (yes ourselves). Since I will be helping build a home in 2020, my availability is very limited. To schedule a session with me, you will want to contact me sooner rather than later. I am only focusing my session times at sunset because that is who I am as a photographer. This does not include newborn session, Those sessions are best scheduled during the day. Let's get together and capture your family! This moment will only last a second  but the photos will last a lifetime.